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I said Yes!!!!
Dec 29, 2010 a day I will never forget. The Christmas holidays that year were tough because my grandmother was killed in a car accident 4 days before Christmas, but somehow through the Lord, our family managed to have a good Christmas. We had a lot of fun together, and my family and boyfriend bonded more than previously. Dec 28 was the funeral and my boyfriend was there right by side as our family dealt with this tragedy. My dad was really touched by this hence the bonding!

We had a friend offer to baby sit my son during this rough time, so Pchan had asked her to babysit my son on Dec 29 so we could have a date night. We hadn't had in since the end of summer. Scott Pilgrim vs the World!! Yea baby!! I asked if it was ok to dress up, for some reason I felt like dressing fancy for the date, he said yes, and that the place we were going was really nice and you are expected to dress up. We had a gift certificate to The Eagle's Nest. A rotating restaurant on top of Hyatt in Indianapolis! Very fancy!! A few hours before we went on our date a friend of mine called me on the phone and we had a chat. She asked me, "so when is he gonna ask you to marry you?" I said, "I hope sometime in the next year."

I remember the night was real cold, and I only had a not very pretty coat, so I just wore a sweater with my dress. I froze my butt off, Pete was gracious and such a gentlemen! He put his coat on me as we walked towards the restaurant. We finally got there and out of the cold. Dinner was absolutely fabulous. I had lobster bisque, yum!! For dinner I had crab stuffed halibut with some noodles and veggies. I think Pete had a fillet mingon and a steak in some yummy creamy sauce with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.(I think) I was too busy eating my yummy meal to look at what he was eating, that and his beautiful brown eyes!! I did ask fro a bite though, and it was delicious, whatever it was! I think it was the house special.

While we had waited for our food, I don't know what came over me, but I wanted to talk about our future and we did. After dinner we talked more while deciding if we were gonna have desert or not. Pete decided to get desert. After desert we talked some more. Through out the night I had put my hands in front of him, so he would grab them and hold them, since we were sitting across from each other. Well after dessert I had decided to do this again, I just can never resist wanting to hold his soft hands. When I did this, he said something like, "there is something missing," and I thought to myself, well yea of course! You see, through out the year I would show jokingly show him my hands and show him my empty ring finger and say, "there is something missing you will have to fix that someday!!" So I was about to jokingly say something like that again and maybe say duh too, when he said, "oh I have to do something about that," as he reached into his coat pocket. I think time stood still for a second because I just gave him a blank stare like someone in a daze. He pulled out a pox, my heart started to pound was it what I thought it would be? Would I dare dream it?? He unwrapped the bow on the red box and inside was a littler box. More heart pounding. He opened up the little box and what does my eye see? A beautiful ring I know is for me...... and the best 4 words I will ever hear that follow, in a very cute and quiet voice, "will you marry me?" I was speechless. I put my hands on my mouth and gasped as he put the ring on my finger! It took me a second before I said the obvious answer. He had caught me completely off guard! I was speechless for a moment!! Then I said, "are you serious????" He said something like, "do I sound serious," or, "does this look serious?" Then I gave him a big hug! The people behind us asked, "awwww did you just get engaged????" Poor Pete! He said to me, "I was hoping to avoid that!!" He is darn cute! When we were done eating we got on the elevator and I couldn't help but look at my newly filled hand! It wasn't empty anymore! We shared the elevator with a bunch of ladies and they said, "awwwww did you just get engaged? Lets see the ring!" Then they ooohed and ahhhed about how gorgeous the ring was. One said it was breath taking! Poor Pete!!! More attention!! But he knew what he was getting into asking out a very social butterfly like myself! I guess opposites do attract! We were gonna go see a movie, but we decided to go home and cuddle on the couch and watch a Harry Potter movie and drink some wine, after all, we are geeks, we had to celebrate in a geeky way!!

When asked earlier when I thought Pete was gonna ask me to marry him, I had never ever imagined it would be only a few short hours later! What a day!!


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