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Memorable Gencon Moments
Costuming for Gencon had 09: Cosplay (School Girl Anime/ School Girl Punk)

Tuesday Night I wore a school girl anime type outfit even though Gencon had not started and Pete and I went to an Indianapolis Indians game. I got some weird stares but a few cool people liked my geeky outfit. We sat next to some hecklers and we had a blast. These hecklers were friggin hilarious!!! They even had Pete doing some heckling, and normally he is a very quiet guy!

*Wed Costume of the day: Blue and Black plaid skirt, Blue vest with white sleeves and collar attached, blue and black argyle socks, a black bow tied around my vest collar, and my black platform Mary Janes.*

I Registered for events at the convention center in the afternoon, and then went to the mall in search of more costume accessories. I ran into my friend Kent, who talked me into trying out True Dungeon.I went to Hot Topic and couldn't pass up on a guys and girl's Flight of the Conchords t shirts.Pete loves that show and I needed to get him his monthly anniversary gift. When I was done I headed back to Pete's house and stopped at a costume shop and bought my costume accessories. Later in the evening Pete and I headed to the Hyatt for some pre Gencon games. We tried to play Are You a Werewolf but could not find any open games of it, so we found my friend, Lady Flame who was running her game of Run For Your Life Candyman with her stuffed Voodo candymen.

*Costume for the day: Red and black plaid skirt, black leggins, shoes that matched the skirt, a gray shirt with white sleeves. The shirt had a school crest on it, and came with a red plaid tie. I also wore a red plaid belt. I wore my wig in pigtails and had on cat ears and a cat tail.*

Pete took me out for a nice anniversary lunch at Mcallister's before had to head to Iowa. :( We stopped at Big Lots too so I could buy a cheap digital cam. I arrived at Gencon around 2 PM and spent most of the afternoon walking around the convention center, playing a game here or there. I got stopped by Channel 6 news and got interviewed for the 11:00 news. In the evening, I played Ticket to Ride: The Card Game, and half of Small World, before having to head over to the Marriott, to play True Dungeon for the first time, because my friend, Kent, gave me a free ticket. I wore my red Karen dress with the long red sleeves. True Dungeon was a total blast. The set up was amazing. So much detail went into it. You really felt like you were in a real dungeon and on a true quest. The theatrics was awesome, especially the half lady/half bird. I looked at her and wondered where in the world is she sticking legs? You could see her upper body and then all you saw was bird's legs and feet. I went on the 2 hour adventured entitled, Where There's Smoke, There's Fire. I forgot what character I was, but I had to memorize a bunch of leaf patterns. Our group was good. We had some pretty good player, and we made it all the way til the end. Theresa, a girl I met at Whosyercon and Inconjunction, was in my group. After playing TD, I headed back to the convention center to play Are You a Werewolf til the the wee hours of the morning. Actually I didn't sleep at all that night! The last game I played before heading back to Pete's house to get ready for the Queen of Geeks Pageant, was an Ultimate Werewolf version. There were 20 in the group. I was among 3 werewolves. I made it to the end of the game without getting lynched by the village. No one suspected me until the end. Me and one of the other werewolves actually killed the third one so we could throw the village off of our trail. We almost lost, but we managed to kill the seer who was about to nab us. The werewolves won that game, and I got a bunch of victory hugs and high 5's and was told that was the best game of werewolf played that night! Indeed it was. It was the best game of the whole con!!! Should go down in the Are You a Werewolf history books!

*Costume for the day: White blouse and pink tie, pink and black plaid skirt, matching pink and black plaid knee highs, and black platform Mary Janes.*

I participated in the Queen of the Geeks pageant. I had on my cosplay school girl outfit. When I introduced myself, I reminded the crowd of the fact that last year, when I was in the pageant, I told the crowd I was single and hinting to all the single gamer guys. I then went on to tell the crowd that this year I was not longer available because I met the geek of my dreams at, of all places, a gaming convention! After the intros the contestants participated in a trivia like game show with the audience, and I did horribly. After the trivia game came the talent portion. I came out on stage dressed like Seymour, from Little Shop Of Horrors. I had in my hand a big paper bag puppet that I made, that represented Audrey 2, and then I went on to sing Feed Me with my puppet, acapella. The crowd went wild. I did the actual stage version of the song and some people in the audience actually recognized it. I didn't place, but I later I ran into one of the judges and he told me it was a real toss up between me and the winner. They were real impressed with my performance because last year I got nervous and messed up royally. They didn't have runner ups because there were only 5 of us. We did have a Miss Congeniality, bit I didn't win that. I am so entering again next year and I know what my talent is gonna be. I am so ready to be Gencon 2010 Queen of the Geeks! After the pageant, I spent a lot of time in the dealer's hall. I played Rockband and got a 99% in vocals for Bring me to Life! I went over to the Northstar booth and played a demo of Wits and Wagers and Say Anything. I won Say Anything, so I got to spin the wheel. I ended up having to do a dare in order to win my prize. The Northstar workers told me I had to stand on a chair and sing a song. Of course I sang, Bring me to Life! I won the prize. I got to pick out any game. I picked the most expensive game they had, Cluzzle. After walking around the dealer's hall some more, I headed over to the board game room and played Settlers of Catan and Seafarers of Catan. I played Settlers with a man I net last year playing Settlers. I was doing real well until my longest road got stolen. I didn't win seafarers either, but it was still a lot of fun. After playing Seafarers, I went to check out the famous Ram, then I met up with some of my Indy Gamers Meetup group friends at the Cantebury. My friend Shane met me there and we headed to the Convention center to play Are You a Werewolf. Again, I played til the wee hours of the morning. I was even a mod once, so I could text Pete, who was in Iowa at Anime Iowa. If I was a mod, I couldn't get lynched for texting Pete! In the morning I had a yummy breakfast at Einstein Beagles before heading back to Pete's to get a little shut eye.

*Costume for the day: Pink and black plaid shirt, Black and White plaid skirt, black and gray argyle knee highs, black and white checkered tie, black converse type high tops that were actually knee length boots, and a blue chin length bobbed wig.*
I slept in til about 10:30. Pete let me stay at his house so I didn't have to pay for a hotel room, and he wanted me to house sit while he was at Anime Iowa. While I was in the shower I heard a thud at the front door. I went to look out the window to see what was going on. of course I was completely buck naked. I saw a van parked in front of the house and I freaked out and ran to grab a towel. I looked out the window again, this time I noticed that the van said florist on it. I was thinking to myself, "why are they parked in of Peter's house.......ohhhhhhhh! Wait, no way!" When the van drove away, I opened the door, and there on the porch, was a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers in a vase with purple ribbons tied around it! The flowers came with the sweetest note. Peter missed our anniversary because he was in Iowa, so he had flowers delivered to the house because he knew I would be there each morning. I was so surprised, I think I actually cried. What a perfect start to a perfect day of gaming at Gencon! I arrived downtown around noon. I had lunch at Noodles and Co before heading to the Convention Center. I spent most of Sat walking around the dealer's hall and taking pics of all the cool costumes I saw, since Sat was the big costume contest.I met a guy named Brad, while playing a game in the board game room. He invited me to hang out with his friends, and we all headed over to Circle Center mall to grab some food. I think Brad liked me, so I kept on talking about my boyfriend to give him the hint that I wasn't available, that and he was way to young for me. After wards I headed over to the Days of Wonder room and played Small World. I was winning, but I had to leave, so I let someone take my place. I headed over to the Wabash game room to play my registered, Happy Hour Fluxx. After playing Fluxx, I went to play my registered Wits and Wagers game. My team all wanted to know my age so they played "Wits and Wagers" to guess. The answers ranged from 10 - 40 and most of the bets were made on 18 or 20 one was made on 32. They all didn't believe me when I told them I was 33 going on 34 soon! About half way through the game the entire convention center got evacuated, and a bunch of fire trucks came. We later found out all the commotion was over a burnt pizza. I headed over to the Marriott and met up with my friend that I met at whosyercon and her daughters, and we got ready for the dance at Union Station. The theme this year was masquerade. My friends daughters made their own masks. They looked so cute in their dresses and masks. I wore my Karen dress. When we were walking to Union Station, we kept getting stopped by the locals so they could take our pics. We were getting ready to walk across a crosswalk and this lady in the passenger side stuck her head out the window and took our pic while the car was moving! When we got to the dance, I met up with Shane and his friend, Matt, who I met at one of Shane's board game meet ups,. Matt bought me a drink and we talked for a long time. I didn't have to worry about Matt hitting on me. He knew I was in a relationship and he is married. We joined Shane and his girlfriend, Jenny, on the dance floor. Later on I ran into a couple I met last year that introduced me to all kinds of games. While everyone was dancing a guy proposed to a girl and everyone on the dance floor formed a circle and let the couple have the floor to themselves. Then when they had their dance, everyone in the circle gave them a big group hug. While I was dancing a cute guy named Ben, who was dressed like a pirate, came over and started talking to me a lot and joined my dancing group. I think Ben liked me and was hitting on me, at least that's the vibe Shane got. Oh well, too bad. I am already taken, buddy! Ben was cute, but Pete is hot!!! After the dance Shane, Matt, Jenny, Ben and me headed back towards the convention center to play Are You a Werewolf. Ben changed his mind and went back to his hotel room, I think that had to do with the fact he found out I wasn't available. Wow, I was popular that weekend!!!! During the first game of Werewolf I had Jenny pegged as the werewolf and I had everyone ready to lynch her and then they changed their mind. Halfway through the game I got killed by the werewolves. I kept getting lynched by the village because I kept falling asleep during the game! So I went in pursuit of a midnight snack. When I came back, the game was over. I asked who were the werewolves, and Jenny was one of them! HA! I knew it! If only they had listened to me! I played more Werewolf til the wee hours of the morning and I was mod for a never ending game. I finally gave up and let someone else take over. Then I went home, well back to Pete's house.

*No costume but I did wear my Flight of the Conchords t shirt, which got a lot of compliments and had people singing to me random Flight of the Conchords songs.*

Arrived downtown around 1 and headed to the convention center. Played a game of Werewolf with my werewolf buddies from, previous nights. I was the seer and got killed by the werewolves in the first round. I ran into my friend, Black, and joined him at Steak and Shake. I had a yummy cookie sundae and mint chocolate chip shake. After Steak and Shake, I headed back to the conventions center and walked around the dealer's hall some and played a game of Small World in the board game room. When the dealer's hall closed, I found my werewolf buddies right where I left them. I played another round of Werewolf and got lynched by the second round, so I joined a group playing Are You a Traitor? Then when were were done we played some more Werewolf until we got kicked out of the convention center. A group of us headed over Noodles and Co for dinner and to hang out. I exchanged pone numbers and Facebooks with a guy named Caitlin aka Cat, because I wanted him to meet Pete and my friend, Chris some day, since he too, was a huge fan of anime. After eating and hanging out at Noodles, I finally headed back home. Thus ending, my Gencon vacation! :(


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