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Miyazaki, Geeks, Trolls, and Knights
Peter introduced my son to anime a few months ago. He was gonna be gone for a week on vacation and my son and I needed something to do to keep us distracted since we were gonna miss our Pete. The day before he left, Pete gave me a bunch of anime movie to get started on. Most of them were Miyazaki movies and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I guess I didn't really to watch all those movies because it turned out I was pretty busy that week, but my son watched the movies over and over again. First he watched Kiki's Delivery Service about 3 times in a row then the next day he watched Spirited Away for about a week straight. He also watched Nausicca and Grave of the Fireflies with me. When Pete got back from vacation he asked to borrow Castle in the Sky which he watched over and over again. Last month we took him to see Ponyo, which he really enjoyed. He smiled and laughed a lot throughout the movie, and when he laughs in a movie it's very very cute. I am hoping to take Seth to his first anime con in Nov, when Anime Crossroads comes to Indy.

I did decide that I had time to watch Monty Python, but I told my son he couldn't watch it because it was a grownup movie. He came in my room and watched anyway. I didn't push the issue, so I let him watch. He never laughed so hard at a movie. The first scene he laughed at was the black knight scene, then he laughed at the knights who say ni, then he really laughed at the troll by the bridge scene. One day I was at work and I came home to hear my son laughing up a storm, so I asked, "Seth what are you doing?" "watching Monty Python Momma hehehaha." For the next week he kept quoting the bridge scene, saying, "Wait,I don't know that. Ahhhhhhhhhh." He also kept saying "we are the knights who say ni, oh no, not the knights who say ni."

Pete and I have taken Seth to some of our gaming groups and was told by a lot of our friends that Seth had the makings of being a little gamer geek, but Seth thought being called a geek was a bad thing because you just don't call people anything other than their name otherwise it's bad. Well after Seth starting watching anime and Monty Python, Pete and I said, "now you really are a geek." Well this still didn't sit well with Seth, so Pete said, "If you are not a geek then you can't play my video games anymore cause geeks like to play video games." Well when Seth heard this he changed his attitude real quick and said, "ok, ok I am big geek cause I like to play Peter's games."

Ever since he finally confessed to being a geek my son has been watching geeky movies like crazy. He's either watching Star Wars, or some superhero movie and telling me, "Momma I'm a geek cause I am watching geeky movies and I still like to play games." Today I asked him, "what kind of geek are you?" and he said, "I'm a gamer geek." P-Chan would be so proud!


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