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Peter and Heather's Memorable Days
Mar 13, 14, 15 Whosyercon: When Peter Met Heather! We met while I was recruiting players for a pick up game of Cineplexity.

Mar 17
I called Pete for the first time on my new cell phone. We started texting everyday.

Mar 22
Pete and I were texting while I was at work making jokes about wishing we could hang out and too bad I had to work. I said I "wish you were here," he'd respond something like, "that would have been fun." I never thought to ask him to come visit, because I didn't think he would drive 65 miles in the late afternoon just to see me, but he said "want me to come over or something?" I thought he was joking, so I said jokingly back, "sure" Of course he wasn't joking and he really did come! We hiked at Turkey Run State park with my son and co worker friend then when my co worker friend went back home Pete, Seth and I had Pizza Hut for Dinner.

Mar 27-28
I took Peter out for his birthday at Mayberry Cafe in Danville, IN and gave Peter the Guiness World Book Of Records 2009 Gamers Edition. He met my son, Seth, for the first time. The next day my coworker friend, and Seth and I, met Peter at Southport Public Library to game with our meetup group. Peter Seth and I snuck away to the mall to get food and have time alone with each other and got lost on the way back to the library. I took a birthday cake that I baked for Peter. I decorated it with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings figures and 2 Cineplexity cards. We got teased the leader of the meetup group because she called Peter my boyfriend, and I told her he wasn't. Then she said that you don't bake a cake and decorate it the way I did for a guy who is just your friend. I think in the back of my mind, I wanted Peter to be my boyfriend, buy I didn't admit it. After the library closed, we gamed at Games to Die For in Avon, IN and played Ticket to Ride. This was the first time Peter made his very cute pouty face cause he felt bad for me that I was loosing and he was the one who kept taking my train routes.

April 17 -18
Friday night Seth and I stayed at Days Inn in Northwest Indy, and Peter met me there and took us out to the Macaroni Grill. We got back to the hotel and played games all night while Seth watched Disney Chanel. Pete kicked my butt at Scene It Squabble. He knew too many of the girly questions lol! The next day we went to C's house to visit, and pick up my hard drive. We met J and S later at the Arsenal and played games all day and all night.

May 1-3
Friday night Seth, Peter, C, and I met J and S, and we saw Wolverine, and gamed at J's after wards. We play Karaoke Revolution and Peter won the first game! Everyone voted for him, he couldn't believe it. I was impressed with his singing even though he told me he couldn't sing at all. He did a wonderful rendition of Jessy's Girl. He's so modest! I stayed over night at J's, then the next day, Peter, Seth, and I went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum all day. We saw a cool comic book and Star Wars exhibit. After the museum, we went food shopping, and we made dinner together at Pete's house. An Asian dinner. Salmon Teriyaki, Shrimp Fried Rice, and an Asian salad yum! We went to the video store and rented Facing the Giants and Fireproof. Sunday afternoon Seth and I saw our first Indianapolis Indians game with Pete. As we were walking towards the staduim, Seth kept kissing my hand and he wanted me to kiss his hand. Then he said I had to kiss Peter. I was gonna kiss his hand and Seth said "no on the lips!" I asked him, "why would I do that? You don't kiss a guy who isn't your boyfriend." To which Seth replied, "Oh I didn't know that. But Momma you got to be nice to Peter." After we did end up actually dating Seth started telling me that now I had to, "like Peter a very lot much." Then he would go on to tell me, "I had to love Peter a very lot much!"

May 14
I finally broke down and called Pete on his lunch break and told him I wanted to be his girl! He had told me before he had feeling for me and wanted to ask me out, but I decided that I needed to start things off slowly and just be friends for a while. That last about 2 months.

May 16-15
Seth and I met Peter, and I made him breakfast, then we picked up one of my friends, and went to C's for his anime marathon. I fell in love with it. After the marathon, Peter and I went back to his house to get ready for our first date as an official couple. Peter wouldn't tell me where we were going. He sure did look hot in his suit. I wore a sparkly black evening gown I bought at a thrift store for 6 bucks. Peter took me to Rick's Boatside Cafe, a seafood/steak place along a pier. I had a very yummy shrimp dinner. A lot of peopled stared at us, I felt like a movie star walking around with her leading man. After dinner, we went home to change before our movie started. Of course being geeks, our first date movie was geeky. We saw the new Star Trek movie. After the movies, we headed downtown and went to Jillians and played some arcade games. We used our tickets to buy Seth a blow up Spiderman. After Jillians, we walked around the circle, downtown, and sat by the Circle Center fountain, and looked at the stars. It was the most magical and most memorable first date ever.

May 29-31: Sugarcon
Fri night we got to the campsite and we played some games in the game tent. The next day was rainy, so we cancel our tubing trip and played more games in the game tent. We play d & d together for the first time. I had not played it with Pete before. Later that night we played Are You a Werewolf? around the campfire and my first time as a werewolf Peter ended up being my werewolf partner, but we both got lynched. Sunday Peter went to my church with me for the first time, and got to see me sign the worship songs, and saw me perform my solo, and saw me get my certificate for completing my Christian Woman's Job Corps. After church, and after packing up, we headed for my house, and met my coworker friend, to play games. Seth beat us at Zombie Fluxx.

June 14
After work, I met Peter in Danville for our first month anniversary date, but everything in Danville was closed, so we went to Charbonos in Avon. The waitress decorated our table with a bunch of candles, and kept telling us how sweet we looked together, and told us to come back and see her every month for our anniversary. We headed back to Danville and enjoyed a midnight stroll.

June 17-20
Seth and I went to Peter's, to spend 3 nights there, before he had to leave for his brother's wedding in North Carolina. We went out to eat Thursday night, then we hung out at the house and watched the old 80's classic, Cloak and Dagger. We both forgot how geeky that movie was. Friday, Pete went to work, and I cleaned his house and ran errands. I Had a nice lunch made for Pete for his lunch break. After Pete came home from work we headed over to Black's house and played games, then I got to meet Pete's best friends, E and K, and their kids for the first time. We played Rock Band and Scene It on Xbox. Pete kicked all our asses on Scene It. Seth had a blast with with E and K's oldest daughter.

July 11
Sat night me and Seth went to Pete's. We went out to Steak and Shake, and later that night, Pete introduced me to Flight of the Choncords. Sunday we went to church, and after wards we hung out at the house for a while. Pete helped me with my math hw, then we went to J and T's and I play Agricola for the first time. I got hooked! I got a pretty respectable score. We had take out Chineese food, then we headed home.

July 18
Peter and I went to D and F's yarrrrrrd parties where I met them and a bunch of Peter's friends for the first time. When I got to Peter's house, he surprised me with breakfast and a bouquet of roses, pink carnations, and pink lilies. At the party, I dressed up as Jack Sparrow, since it was a pirate themed party. I learned some fun new games. The crazy card game, bullshit, and bonanza. We played Agricola again and I didn't do as well, but it was still fun. We played Apples to Apples too.

Aug 7-10
Peter, Seth, and I planned to go to KC for a Royals game, and so Seth and I could meet Peter's family. Pete's car broke down in Terre Haute. He had to take it to Midas Sat to have it fixed, but they couldn't fix it til that Mon. Fri night Seth stayed with with my friend, Ellen so we could have a date night. We went to Garfields then we went to see GI Joe. We stayed at Ellen's overnight. Sat morning we got stranded and had to have Pete's car towed to Midas. We met my very geeky friends, Bill and Shannon and 2 of their friends at a Thai joint, then we went to Bill and Shannon's and we gamed with them and their friends. We got pizza with them, then headed to my house. Sun, Pete went to church with m then I drove him back home. I made Pete and I dinner and we watched Flight of the Conchords. Then I headed home.

Aug 10
J drove Peter to Terre Haute to pick up his car. Seth and I met Peter in TH and we took Seth to Ebash to play video games, then we ate at Beefogrady's. We then headed back to my house and played games.

Aug 21-22
Seth and I met Peter in Terre Haute. I left my car in Terre Haute and Seth and I joined him, and we headed to KC. On the way there we got stuck in a terrible traffic jam and were delayed 2 hours. We got to KC around 2 AM EST and Seth and I met Pete's mom. The next morning, Pete's mom had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon made for us. After breakfast Peter's brother and nieces came by and we all took a dip in the pool that was in the backyard. Seth and Peter's oldest niece hit it off. After we were done swimming we did some karaoke on the dish's karaoke channel, then Pete's mom made lunch for kids, and Pete and I made sandwiches. I discovered my phone was broken, so we took a trip to the Verizon store, and I found out I had to have the new phone mailed to me. When we got back, we met Pete's brother's new girlfriend. We all got ready and headed to the K for the Royals game. The Royals were taking on the Twins. The kids had fun at the merry go round but first we had a heart attack cause we lost one of the Pete's nieces. After much praying, I found her and then all the kids enjoyed the merry-go-round and little playground. When the kids were done playing, we all got yummy stadium food and watched the game. Seth and I did a lot of screaming. Seth was booing all the Twins and their fans. He kept yelling, "Boo Twins" and, "go back to Minnesota we don't want you." He had a little fight with the woman behind us who was a Twins fan. The Royals lost the game:( After the game we headed back to Pete's mom's house and got ready for bed. The next morning Peter's mom got everyone yummy doughnuts for breakfast and we watched some Sunday morning cartoons with Seth, before Pete's brother and the girls came by. Seth and the girls take off to play and for some odd reason the adults got hooked on this Disney Channel movie about a merboy. We left around noon to head back to Indiana. When Seth and I got back home Seth instructed me that I had to marry Peter on Monday and that if any other girls tried to like Peter he was to tell them, "no, go away. Cause you are supposed to love my momma very lot much and marry her." I was later told that Peter's family thought Seth was very funny and entertaining. Seth is such a ham! What about me?????

Sept 24-26
Friday night I met Peter at Rose Hulman and he got a pizza andI got a yummy peanut butter ice cream smoothie, before heading to the gym for the homecoming pep rally. After the pep rally we went to the bonfire, which was pretty cool because they lit it by catapulting the first flame. After the bonfire, we headed to Mogger's and joined the AXE group for some yummy food and drinks. We had yummy cheese sticks, onion rings, potato skins, and a gourmet pesto pizza! Sat afternoon I met Pete at Rose for the homecoming game. The Fighting Engineers lost :( but it was still a fun game. After the game we headed back to the motel to get ready for Pete's 10 year reunion banquet. I wore my glamorous green and gold Asian dress, and Pete wore his gray pin stripped suit. Boy, did he look hot! We headed over to the reunion and met up with E and K. I got to meet some more of Pete's Rose Hulman friends. After the reunion JB joined me and Pete, and E and K at Zmberletti's, a fancy Italian joint. After we were done at Zamberletti's, E and K joined me and Pete at his hotel room to play games. We played Bonanza. E kicked all our asses. Sunday after church Seth and I met Pete at BW3 to watch the Chiefs game. The Chiefs lost again :( After the game we took Seth to an indoor blacklight mini golf course and Fairbanks park and he played on the playground. After we were done at the Park, we headed back to our homes.


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